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With a positive and revitalized attitude things might be different this time around. Many people have met their significant other this way.

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Get to know that person so you feel safe going out with them.

Most single women 50 are no longer interested in marriage but do want to date and eventually have a relationship, according to a recent study.

From the beginning, Bumble’s mission has been to provide a platform through which women and men feel safe and comfortable connecting.

As head of brand, Williamson executes creative initiatives that align with the company’s mission, including writing copy, being involved in community operation meetings and overseeing user experience.“[The] best advice I can ever give anybody getting into a relationship: Fall in love with who that person is, not who they are on Instagram, not who their friends say they are, not who they’re telling you who they are. Don’t show up and order a salad because you think that’s what you need to order.

n recent years, the dating scene has changed dramatically because of the growing popularity of apps like Bumble, Ok Cupid and Tinder, as well as newly emerging practices such as ghosting (the act of someone abruptly ending a relationship by ceasing all communication without an explanation), making finding your match more daunting than ever.

But Alex Williamson, head of brand at Bumble, isn’t phased and believes today’s women are finally in a position to own their power and take control in all aspects of their lives, including dating.

*Once you decide to go back to dating, start with a so you feel good about yourself and how you look. Try a new lipstick, a new haircut, or just a special “dating outfit.” It doesn’t matter what it is, just go out there looking a little special and you are bound to have some positive results.

*Reach out to your friends, family and colleagues and let them know that “you are back.” Most people are busy with their own lives.

It’s time you let them know what is going on in your life.

Tell them that you are open, interested and available to be introduced to someone if they think of anyone.

Get to know somebody for who they are versus all that you’re hearing about them.”“When you show up on a date, show up as you. Be yourself and the right person will come into your life based on that. People’s true colors always come out, so show yours and trust that [it’s] enough and the right person will come along.”“Show the person who will be sitting around on a Saturday watching Netflix, but also who will kick it and have a beer at the dog park.

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