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In addition to this, if there is any gold in the pocket watch then it has at worst case a gold value.Right now gold is extremely valuable and you can get a lot of money just for that. Price of gold Ok, so now we need to try and determine the actual value of your Waltham pocket watch.

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You may see one on the case but for now ignore that.

Find the serial number on the movement and make a note of that.

Don't throw your Waltham watch away though as many people will buy it from you to use as spare parts.

As you can imagine there are a lot of Waltham pocket watches and those that repair them or various collectors are always on the look out for real parts.

The good news is that all Waltham pocket watches have some value even if it is only for scrap parts.

Some pocket watches are in such poor condition or beyond a state of repair that it makes it a waste of time to try and repair or restore them.If you are lucky enough to own a Waltham watch then you will want to know how to work out the Waltham pocket watch value.The good news is that this is a fairly easy thing to do if you follow some simple guidelines.This serial number can be used to find out the date the watch was made and any other information that may have been taken from the ledgers of the Waltham Watch Company.A useful source of information is the NAWCC website which has a searchable database.Waltham watches are very collectible and can be a great addition to a collection.

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