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The volunteer workers really have a busy chore, since servicemen ask an average of three questions.

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Another at Bloomington (111.) Normal College draw- ing 2,000 people to the Brit show In flvc- below-zero weather! But to millions In tho small towns and rural districts, as well as goodly numbers In the cities, the folk music and rural rhythm of tho hillbilly artists are tops in entertainment. Committee also distributes 6,000 ducats a week for dinners and dances.

They have a homespun quality that appeals to the masses, and It Is an appeal not likely to wane. The former come from hotels, clubs and restaurants, while the dances are staged by churches, community centers, labor unions, political clubs and dancing schools.

America's Greatest Vocal Duo BOB EBEBLY - KITTY KALLEN featured with JIMMY DORSEY AND HIS ORCHESTRA Personal Management: BILL BURTON Direction: GENERAL AMUSEMENT CORPORATION Vol. Order of Eagles Here is using a band and show nightly in B nltcry-Uke ven- ture; Lockport (N.

10 March 6, 1943 KIN Fraternal Groups Running Cabarets In Buffalo Areas BUFFALO. 27— Fraternal orgs In this territory are playing u more im- portant role than over In the nltcry field, and one booking office Is reporting new development:; In club talent use.

He didn't know the camera Is nothing Uko the legitimate nudlcnce. Every man gets one ticket, with the disparity in totals resulting from out-of-offlcc distributions which were made in the past.

Anyway, every time he made an untranco he'd talk until he reached his destination so he'd not have to walk After the picture was completed the director, when asked how the character man did, said, 'He was great, only we had to cut 700 feet of "hnrumph3." ' "Acting in pictures the first time Is almost like playing rummy for the first time You go ahead and play and catch on as the game continues. Every week 30,000 men get ducats for shows, broadcasts, concerts, movies, tours, sports attractions, otc.As might be expected, Americans favor the legit attractions.The British sailors almost invariably ask for tickets to rollor-skatlng rinks, and everyone likes to dance.She Pointed out that in legit the actor plays to the audience, not the camera, as they «o In pictures; that screen performers need not know how to project their voice; that on the stago a performer walks for a purpose, 1. Like Carole Lombard before them they risked their lives as soldiers and sailors do — as part of the job that must be done. and foreign troops diverted to show , fare by NYC war recreation arm in 20 months— John Mo TC t CUim C Ad S III Hut)S iff it Bull tars go for rinks — ballrooms, radio rale big i n xvr mm- Lonely Girl Patrons Want Men NEW YORK, Feb.c., to answer a doorbell, etc., whereas In films the per- lormer gets there with tho aid of a pair of scissors, "You start walking toward tho phono, tho scene Is cut, and la tho next shot you're seen picking up the phone." "That lack of any sustained acting." continued Miss Landl, "the repeated "lming of bits, most of which are dis- jointed Insofar as the plot is concerned, I 8 what affects experienced actors on their first contact with pictures. And if it is their fortune to have their numbers come up on the big call board, then that is all right, too. 27.— There 13 one spot in New York that Is practically a must to fighting men all over this world.Y.) Moose Club has resumed three-day week-end music and show activities, and the Waverly and Johnson City Moose are using shows Saturday nights, all booked by Ray S. Eaglos started on nltery venture Feb- ruary 25 and are planning to use their cocktail room and cafe lounge (In Eagles' own building downtown) for nightly sessions of aflvo-pteco local band (headed by Johnny Messlns) and live acts three times weekly, Rooms are active from 8 to 3 every night, and patronage Is not restricted to Eagle member.'.. Sugarman tendered his resignation as editor of The Billboard today. ia'o "Vaufiuville firo Nt-efc 17 Witdinjf Machines . For 12 eve- nings and four matinees attendance was set at 202,022, with prices ranging from 91.10 to »3.30.

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