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I haven’t seen any of the people from this photo since 2009.

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) What I didn’t mention in the caption was that I’d before attending this show.

Wasn’t it enough for to merely notice and appreciate?

He was not only not as cute, but boring, rude, and not so sharp.

I’m glad I didn’t get his named tattooed on my forehead or anything, because that would’ve been a bit awkward.

And to top it off, his ex-girlfriend messaged me to let me know that he has Instagram romances all the time, so that felt nice.

Unless you follow the exact definition of ‘romance,’ in which case my fantasy was just that.The average amount of time a reviewer spends on your resume is 7 seconds and that’s it!With cashed up corporate balance sheets and strong earnings growth, employment levels continue to improve across America.So what does this have to do with your sucky dating life or relationship?They’re all about ME and they’re all seeking validation.The latest unemployment rate has declined to 4.9% as 3Q2016.

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