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He strongly believes focusing on both assessment and development has improved his skills in both.Dave is also the Co-Founder of Facticiti, an online service that help young adults in their career decisions.The key thing that makes it useful to kinky people is that its "Q&A" matching mechanic means that you can find out a lot of someone's key beliefs and opinions before you even send them a message.

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If OKCupid decides that they're kinky enough, they even get it mentioned on their personality metrics - but that said, an absence of that bar does not mean they're not a pervert.

OKCupid, like any automated system, sometimes gets it wrong.

What's also quite nice is that if you sign up for their paid service, A-List, you can actually order your search results by kinkiness. So, armed with this information, you can pick and choose who you contact.

Now, there's no need to bring up that you're kinky and look like a sex pest - mention it on your profile so that they can see what you're into, and qualify it by explaining at you're not just after a play partner in the same paragraph.

Dave Popple Ph D is a Corporate Psychologist and President of the Psynet Group, formerly Corporate Insights Global LLC.

Dave's focus is on assessment, executive development and innovative data gathering tools.

More people over 40 do not see marriage as the end goal of dating. How long do you think it typically takes singles over 40 to find a relationship using online dating, and why?

An average amount of time is not the best indicator because the variance in the amount of time it takes varies wildly.

What's THE best question for singles over 40 to ask someone when messaging them for the first time online?

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