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Hot girls seem to like clean, safe neighborhoods with a nice mix of clothing stores, café’s and bars. Cities like Montreal, with a University being close to the nightlife districts, are good hunting grounds. A good coffee shop that attracts hot girls is worth its weight in Platinum. There are certain times of the day that women will stop work and have a drink. Any nose hair, dirty fingernails, anything that might make you appear like a beggar or crackhead/rapist? Place your back against a wall, push back your shoulders, raise your chin and walk off. Catch yourself in the mirror from time to time and adjust your posture. It took me about one hundred approaches to overcome mine.

If you live in a small town and want to learn daygame, consider moving to a city. I find women are less receptive on rainy, or cold days. Book stores and libraries can be sparse, but the setting provides a limitless number of indirect, situational openers. Usually around noon, then again after work, from six till eight pm. I’ve never actively ridden a bus for the sole purpose of meeting women, but it just seems to happen.2. You don’t need to look like a rockstar, but how is your haircut? A confident man should stand tall, unless you’re Joe Strummer or James Dean. Make sure to maintain solid eye contact with whatever girl you approach. If you are riddled with approach anxiety, you will need at least months of approaching to overcome this. Now approaching is like farting, it just happens.4. It will be hard at first, but this step is more important than any other.

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Contrary to what most guys think, meeting women during the daytime is one of the best and easiest things that you can do, especially if you don't enjoy going to loud clubs or bars full of drunken people, have a busy work schedule, travel a lot or just much prefer meeting women during the day.

Jeremy Soul, a Love Systems Hall of Fame senior instructor, focuses specifically on meeting women during the day.

I’m Tony.”Indirect is when you make a situational, or hypothetical question or statement before moving onto flirtation.

This could take many forms, like asking for directions, or commenting on her clothing, or the weather, or a book, or any random comment your heart desires.

I’d dabbled in it, to limited success, but it wasn’t until I started teaching for a living that I had to man up and explore the form.

It landed me more than a few passionate, short relationships. Location: In your city there should be one area where attractive women congregate. In Montreal it’s the underground mall or various metro stops. If your first impression isn’t good, then you won’t have a second. Imagine a string rising from your feet to your head, now pull the string. I won’t get into too much detail here as it’s a huge subject, but generally if you follow these rules, you’ll do fine.– Always positive. Talk about emotional subjects like travel, music or adventure. Take a friend and make him stand ten feet away, and then tell him a story. You don’t have to deal with many cockblocks, the girls aren’t disguised by loads of makeup and dark lights, they haven’t been approached a hundred times by desperate, drunk men. Realize, daygame is not an ideal way to meet women. Don’t talk about how the weather or the food sucks. Even if you’re rejected, you’ll probably never see them again, and they’ll go back to tell their friends about the funny guy that hit on her at Barnes and Noble. Social circle is much easier, but the skills and experience you will gain from practicing will improve your ability with all women. This service will teach you how to catch his eye, without having to be too forward, or even make the first move!I have developed these strategies over many years, and I personalise them specifically to the individual, so get in touch for more information!It’s the scariest, and once you can go direct, you can always fall back on it. This is usually fine, and shouldn’t freak her out if you’re not freaked out.

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