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We’re currently working to correct the problem.’was unavailable for six hours in the early hours of yesterday, came back online for 30 minutes, and then began connecting visitors to its 'virtual waiting room,' a program that contacts users when the website has the capacity to serve them.

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Today, approximately 3pm EST, Tayler Mayer IM’ed me and we had our usual “Deaf Read” business chat. Somehow during our IM conversation, Tayler introduced me a new experimental program designed by Yahoo, and it is called, Y! I joined the chat room with Tayler, and I was blown away how easy for Tayler and I were able to chat to each other. Tayler was so excited about this technology, and he posted this announcement on Deaf Read at pm – and before we know it, more and more people joined!

Here’s the screen capture of the chat room for you to see…

Imagine – La Ronda Zupp, Seek Geo, Deaf Roger and Nancy Bloch, Executive Director of NAD in the same LIVE chat room with me???? It is just like a real Deaf Club where we can mingle, and have some important conversations.

La Ronda is from Bay Area, Seek Geo is from Eastern Washington State, Deaf Roger from Canada, Nancy from Maryland, Tayler in Los Angeles and me in Atlanta chatting each other at this hour?

I am so disappointed that when something is really good for our community, then someone who just like to barge in and ruined the fun.

Remember, this Yahoo LIVE chat room is still an experimental application/program and with these trolls – it really damped the fun.

It'll be fun, sharing, new experiences, find a new company for relationship, you name it!

Deaf Match International Matchmaking Club for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

This chat room became so popular and it showed up on the front page of Yahoo Live Chat homepage!

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This service is dedicated to the large number of deaf and hard of hearing singles looking for a meaningful relationship, or wanting to make new contacts on a national and international level, or simply to exchange ideas and experiences.

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