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Honorary Degree Recipient: Robert Hung Ngai Ho pm ii | Spring Congregation 2012 The Processions and Programme of Ceremony Graduating Students 62 63-64 SCIENCE , GRADUATE STUDIES Ph. The governors represent diverse backgrounds, which provide valuable input during board deliberations. By legislation, the board is responsible for the management, administration and control of the property, revenue, business and affairs of the university including the appointment of senior off icials and faculty on the recommendation of the president.

Delicia nassiri dating

Honorary Degree Recipient: Chief Sophie Pierre pm The Processions and Programme of Ceremony 49 Graduating Students 50-51 LAND AND FOOD SYSTEMS, COLLEGE FOR INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES (Asia Pacific Policy Studies, Bioinformatics, Cell and Developmental Biology, European Studies, Genetics, Interdisciplinary Oncology, Neuroscience, Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, Resources Management and Environmental Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies), GRADUATE STUDIES (Interdisciplinary Studies), ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH Ph.

(Global Resource Systems) The Processions and Programme of Ceremony Graduating Students 52 53-54 M o n day, M ay 2 8 , 2 0 1 2 am am GRADUATE STUDIES, SCIENCE Ph.

Congratulations to all University of British Columbia 2012 Graduates. Description of President's Stole The Salish people are well known for being beautiful weavers along the west coast.

It is our hope that after graduation you will continue contributing to the university, to our communities, to the well being of society and in doing so you will bring about positive change.

The Processions and Programme of Ceremony Graduating Students 74 75-76 APPLIED SCIENCE (Chemical and Biological, Integrated, Materials), ARCHITECTURE and LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE, COMMUNITY and REGIONAL PLANNING, GRADUATE STUDIES, NURSING Ph. We are especially pleased to extend our welcome and congratulations to the increasing number of First Nations students who visit the university, and our traditional lands, for their education.

We are pleased to honour the graduates and extend our congratulations to each and every one of you.

The Processions and Programme of Ceremony Graduating Students 71 72-73 APPLIED SCIENCE (Civil, Environmental, Mechanical, Mechatronics), GRADUATE STUDIES Ph. The University of British Columbia is situated within the heart of Musqueam Traditional Territory. In previous centuries, what is now the UBC campus was a centre for learning for Musqueam youth, who were instructed in culture, history, and tradition, and who in turn We are pleased that our lands continue to be a place for learning and sharing.

Today, the feeling of pride and accomplishment to accompany the completion of your course of study will add to each student’s confidence in moving on to the next endeavour.

Ed.(Secondary Program) Diploma in Education 28 29-31 EDUCATION: KINESIOLOGY, FORESTRY, GRADUATE STUDIES Ph.

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