Dichen lachman dating

A body can die while the person's mind, housed in a round disk called a stack, lives on. The rich and powerful have used immortality to become more rich and powerful.

The disposable nature of sleeves has also created a moral minefield, stoking some of humanity's darkest desires.

Nepali-born actress, Dichen Lachman is a married person.

She is married to her boyfriend, Maximilian Osinski.

"I always expected my first nude scene to be in a sexual context.

It was a difficult shoot but by the end I felt really strong and I thought to myself ' If I can do this I can do anything'." is set in a future world where the human consciousness has been digitised and people can change bodies, referred to as sleeves, almost as easily as we change outfits.

She has made a remarkable image because of her role of Katya Kinski in the TV drama called Neighbors.

This show has given her a ladder that took her into this profession where she delved into the acting field to make a name and fame for herself.

"Of course I was nervous - everyone has their hang ups about how they look - but once I read the scene and I realised the context of it I thought it was really powerful.

To see a woman naked in that way fighting so fiercely was something I hadn't seen before," she says.

The couple tied the knot on January 2015 and got into a marital relationship.

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