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Few people know about the Druze, a mysterious, 1,000 year old religion in Lebanon. 'Akl (true Adam / cosmic intelligence) was assumed by Hamza ibn Ali Nafs al-Kulliyya (universal soul / cosmic self) assumed by Isma'il ibn Muhammad al-Tamimi.

The Druze faith is named after one of these supporters, Ismail al-Darazi / ad-Darazi.

(They should not need to go outside anyway.) At some point, al-Hakim encouraged supporters, including worshipping him as visible God.

As a side note, there is also an apparition called "Our Lady of Fatima" in the Catholic religion, but that is totally unrelated. Practices: They believe both men and women should participate in daily prayers.

The Druze believe there are five humans who assumed these roles.

Al-Hakim's vizier, Hamza bin 'Ali ibn Ahmad, a Persian mystic, helped ensure the al-Hakim was worshipped as the ultimate One who created the first cosmic principle. The Druze scripture, called Rasahl/Rasa'il al-Hikma ("Letters of Wisdom"), was primarily written down by al-Muqtana (the cosmic immanence). (Includes recognizing other previous manifestations of God too) 6.

Since that time, the Druze have worshipped al-Hakim as visible God. H.408), when Hamza publicly declared that al-Hakim was visible God at the mosque in Cairo.

He prohibited games of chess (as Sahih Muslim teaches), and he ordered all dogs killed.

He forbade eating shell fish and fish without scales.

1011-1012 al-Hakim passed a butcher shop, grabbed a meat cleaver, and killed one of the assistants. 1012-1013 Forced subjects to bow to him and call him our Lord 1013 Some Christians who had allegedly converted to Islam were still celebrating the Lord's Supper in their house. He had edicts in favor of Christians, and rebuilt a monastery, restored many churches and their possessions.

1010 Forbade Christians to use wine in the Lord's Supper. He destroyed churches and convents, sparing only the monastery at Sinai.

1021 al-Hakim went walking on a hill one night in February, 1021, and disappeared without a trace. (This is similar to the belief in the reappearance of the 12th imam.) The Perennial Dictionary of World Religions p.230 says that al-Hakim wanting to be worshipped at God was a key factor in weakening the Fatimid Dynasty.

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