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I re-stained the rim with Fiebing’s Medium Brown alcohol-based boot conditioner, flamed it with a Bic and micro meshed off the thin coat of char with 80. I revisited the Canadian after transferring all of the photos so far, as well as seven more of the “finished” pipe, from my DSLR memory stick to the computer.Next is the left side view as it appeared two months to the day later.

Then I reamed the chamber and sanded it smooth with 180- and 320-grit paper and wiped the exterior using a soft cotton gun cleaner cloth with a little purified water.

I figured I might as well knock off the bit, which was in good shape but needed some quick work with the only viable micromesh kit I had at the time.

He was a regular member of my local pipe club for a short time when he was 90 years old, which, based on the date of the bounteous gift makes him 92 now. I’ve stayed in touch with Larry, by email and phone and several times in person, and although his physical and mental faculties are fit, he lacks the zest for life he had while savoring his large collection by himself and I’m sure more so in the company of his fellow pipe peers, where he was the fastest draw I’ve ever heard with raunchy and off-color jokes.

I have to question the wisdom of his young, well-meaning doctor who forced Larry to quit the hobby and activity he loved more than anything but his wife.

Of course, the logical choice happens to be the jewel of my eye.

Larry L., as I will call him, was my patron in two senses of the word: for his generosity, and his status as the first person to buy a pipe on my original online store, and then another.On that occasion I had not understood parts of the dating flowchart on Pipephil.Returning to the same chart four days ago, with clarification of what Pipephil meant by “Dunhill aligned with Shell” in the nomenclature, I took a third stab at dating the sandblast Shell Briar, starting with Patent No. Google Patents almost always finds the desired invention, but again I came up with nothing.” I referred him to his own blog and inserted the two pics of the twins above, adding that they are identical except for a lighter shade I gave mine. The Patent is fascinating on several levels, some of which will be described later.Of particular importance to this blog is its detailed description of the system in which an improved, removable metal tube “is inserted into the bore…to form a conduit along which the smoke will pass.” A revised, spring ring to hold the tube in place with better effect than earlier Patents is added to supplement an improvement that was part of another Patent, GB116989, requested along with this one but granted the next year. Boughton Member, International Society of Codgers Member, North American Society of Pipe Collectors Member, Facebook Gentlemen’s Pipe Smoking Society construction) Photos © the Author except as noted Two years ago, I became the sudden, very fortunate and most of all surprised owner of four Dunhill pipes.

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