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MORE: How to Turn a Man On Men want to make the woman they are with happy; this is actually one of the biggest driving forces for a man in a relationship.

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Men love feeling like they’re irresistible—like you are turned on by him and can’t get enough—so flirt with him, seduce him, initiate physical intimacy.

A huge turn-on for a man is seeing how turned on his woman is by him!

One key difference I’ve observed between men and women is that women seem to be much more aware of what they want and need in a relationship…and aren’t afraid to express it.

Men, for various reasons, aren’t always so in tune with what they really need in order to feel loved and fulfilled in a relationship, and the ones who are aware will seldom come right out and say it. From an early age women learn to cultivate close, intimate relationships and they learn what makes them feel cared for and understood.

But then when you give it to him, it feels amazing.

He feels appreciated and loved, and he comes to love you even more.

That’s why a man will typically try to solve your problems when you talk to him about something that’s upsetting you, something most women get frustrated by because all we really want in those moments is emotional support, and men don’t realize that giving said support is more of a solution to the problem than actually solving the problem!

(And if your guy does this, try not to get angry at him, just kindly tell him you appreciate his advice, but right now you just want his emotional support.) MORE: 5 Things Every Woman Needs to Know About Men You don’t always need to wait for him to initiate physical affection.

And with that, here are the top five things guys secretly love and want from you, but will seldom ask for.

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