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Going on a 'date' is just a bit too explicit, too official and unambiguous — the sort of embarrassing cards-on-the-table declaration of intent that the naturally cautious, indirect Englishman prefers to avoid.When we first met, I asked what had led him to choose this profession. That is the question that social anthropologist Kate Fox set out to answer in her book Watching The English. On Saturday, she explained why your choice of marmalade reveals your true social class.

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Sometimes, however, we find it hard to read the signals accurately, and spend inordinate amounts of time discussing the possible meaning of some obscure hint or ambiguous gesture with our female friends.

In most other cultures, flirtation and courtship involve exchanges of compliments.

It's just that we don't do it with the same degree of skill or assurance as most other nationalities.

Or, rather, about 50 per cent of us are noticeably deficient in these qualities.

Alternatively, his invitation may be so sexually explicit that it can easily be dismissed as a meaningless drunken joke if it backfires.

He's not required to exhibit any emotions; he avoids entangling himself too soon in anything that could possibly be described as a relationship; he doesn't have to do or say anything 'soppy', so he maintains his masculine dignity; and he avoids the humiliation of a verbal rejection.

The key ingredients are all very English: humour, particularly irony; wordplay; argument; cynicism; mock-aggression; teasing; indirectness — all our favourite things.

And banter specifically excludes all the things that make us uncomfortable: emotion, soppiness, earnestness and clarity.

Sometimes, I find myself having to explain to foreign females that 'silly cow' really can be a term of endearment.

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