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aka imt^ (oh my) frieud Ifdit, ktt t tt'i pruilent ihou, frirml f H4ttfiifit H, ttkil t H'f* vi'tnt my friend, mi H tt biltit*4f Ultll Hi K f«to|) ill du'elliii«^ voure. (') There also, no doubt, the primitive language has nil I re or lees died out. M* T^Ioxtan'O, does not think he can yet answer the f|uestion. Kw., lilam, sleeping-place ; Jav., tilem, to sleep ; Sund., tilam f any- thing spread out ; Day., tilam aku ( See I ) tepong. Jav., hina, fault ; Sund., hina ka-handak, wish, in- tention. Jav., obat ; Sund., obat, gun- powder, ubar^ me- idicine ; Mak. Jav., anchur; Mak., anchuru ; Day., anchor ENGUSH, SULU, AND MALAY VOCAOUt ''W Englisk, Memory Metid, to Menbl ; slave Mention, to Meniioiieii Merely Merry Message Metaphor Stilu. 2»ibot *schaj5 daiyau daiyay ib Arat Me Wj to (as a eat) *mciigiaii Midday dohilir ; oktu Middle ; between li Agitflng Midnight Midwife Might ; power Mild (temper) Milk Milk, In Million, a Mimic, li» Minc L', In tcngilh dom p Andei • kw Asa t Recollm) 3 Synd.. * siput Must sobei Mullet b&n Sk Mutiny * drdhka Mystery ; secret * rdhisa ( To be continuet ERRATUM METEOROLOGICAL REPORT, FOR THE YEAR 1885. He easily nnder- fttood his Manthra (*) g[uido, when the hitter spoke Malay to him ; but ho could eatoh but very few words when the same individual conversed with his wild countrymen. str^ L Bis., sang] Stihaja r 'ibarat (-4* meng*hiyii 1 {dhahor (Ar tengah m Si {Sec Apt,) {kuasa. ity) rriomo Ui Aw Ak pi\h^ 'nv^ \l\K\^ 1ak'i • aki'il Mind, thr Mint I, lu ; li Lcil Miiulj U5 ; Inukalur ipat Mi IK" ; niy k. [ The following report, heing of poniianent scientific vahic, is hero reprint- ed from tiie Government Gazette, lil.] 1.

He is satisfied that the Manthraa have a peculiar accent which mny ari? Father Pixokt, who has lived fttv a lon^]^ time in Malacca and visited all tho irdaud tribcrt^ told M. Vku ;-ku Mi,scar Tiai;c p-*«^-p'Vi^ Mist;liir[ fi'ina mat ENGLISH, SULU, AND MALAY VOCABULARY. Tlio report for the year 1885 gi^es the results of the rbservations taken at Sinj:]^apore, Penaiig, Province Welles- ley and Malacca, and embraces the following meteorological elements : — I.

Must wo that these wild pei (^) amid tltcir forests, the same author ha» detecteil acortaiu ntnnbtu* «»t' wonb foreij»u to Malay.

Still njore munt tbi-i Ikivo been the va^e in Ln/on, The evi- Jenee given on ihi» puiot by de la Fl'Evtk, {^) has lately been fully cuiiiirmed by the researches of Dr, Montajto, who has kindly |da j Mirole forentjerw/' (L'Abb?

* To Bttfe, quote«i by PRICHAAD^ ■ftf t/tr P/ii/*it'ui flhto.y (tf . Malay, 379 M Machine mikinl Maggot ok A Magic * hikmftt rhikmat (Ar.), Jav.

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Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians.

A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. ., 2SMt ii K'hes in Septemher, Tlie smallest t'fill on record ia 0.27 inches, which was in January, and at the Central Prison. The rainfall at this Settlement during' 18S5 was heavy, 10G.2I) inches was the mean, a|:^ainc;t 80,00 in the previuna year. i I t i i ■ i*y © b a « C ' c \ z d *a o ' ' o ^^^H 3 .s ^ c 3 J ^ ^ S -3 ^ 'i 1^ ^^1 1 »-H ©4 M a!

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. The ' in Singj principally at Kandang, Kossan^ Penun^ and Province Wellesley, ra tember was a dry nionth in certain in the d Lstrit'ta uf Teluk Blangah au heavy, «u nlso in Province Welleslej wjis unsnally dry in Singapore, bu nij^ht of the 12tli and or an ntmsnal number of meteors w^ menon was also seen in other pari •i4.

At all events, it h an interest iu^i problem to Rolve, ami we hoartily wlnb that Messrs, Man and Tkmple may pursue rese^rebt^ wbicli bave already leil them to 8neh eurious results Tbuu^di 8eattt»red from tbe Andaman lalauda to the Pbiltppini*8, the Negrito tribes have retained, in a remarkable manner, ^11 lhi*fr exterior and o»k M»lo^»cal ebaracteri«tic K.

It ia otherwise with re* (i) Xtf Tnrr rf nfomwf, *M\m C*lition, ? ]t Bc^eius to tne probable that these hitter were m many surviving wttne»8es of the primitive lanj TUf Lge.

Piiui* pimgo, etc., are but Mi*lay dialect* more or less coiisiild of Kepung, neiu* Mulaccat in ttie Mi Uuy Penui Huhi. 2811.^ (a) Thij^ langiiofre m culleil bn Aitft kujwr (cjinipbor lan^fuag L-)* Loo AN found it employeil juulalwuv H the Kaiu Lr, hy thntrit«i D^: made* for thtw trc^ti. Montaxo alw5 m Mitict Ui^ thit* Iujij*^uajrt* m hif^ uo U^ autl hjm»11^ it ** buhtn^o-htpout J' Niame«tc aud Lau»iaii vocabularu'^ |»ubiiiihe(i hy Lajiiam (*) aod cuuld uot trace « ay resemblauce.

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