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”This political culture of our state organs made the Bulgarian people…prone to an agreement, to many things which are not to our benefit as a nation.

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I roomed with my screenwriting partner who had 4 cassette tapes and a stereo tape deck.

Two of those cassettes were Bonnie’s first two albums and songs like were not only giving me a lesson in the blues, but were also preparing me to appreciate and cherish strong, talented, independent women, who can and will give as good as they get.

So I felt a wistful kinship watching Bonnie and her father share their love for music – and each other – on stage.

It was only two months after proposing to Deb at Bonnie’s September 18, 1980 concert that I moved into her tiny Seal Beach apartment.

Or that today at 58, the vast majority of my closest friends and colleagues are almost exclusively women I admire, respect and want to spend my time with. Just as we’ve never discussed how much I always loved watching Bonnie sing with her father, Broadway legend, John Raitt.

I know Bonnie wouldn’t take the credit for any of that. They sang duets at almost every Los Angeles area concert she played for years.

Now we want to conform with other nations – to reach them in a way…young people directly leave for “the better living” – “free to wait tables and shine shoes” in a “normal” country.

All the things that united us such as godliness (I don’t say religion) and courage were compromised.

Said he:“We are the sample of existence without the right of choice and sometimes we wonder, that a man can exist like this.

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