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For the first time in the series, this mode is represented in three-dimensional space.

The player can explore the environment, talk with characters, advance the story, and initiate event games in this mode.

During Final Fantasy VII, the Planet's Lifestream is being drained for energy by the Shinra Electric Power Company, a world-dominating megacorporation headquartered in the city of Midgar.

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is a 1997 role-playing video game developed by Square for the Play Station console.

It is the seventh main installment in the Final Fantasy series.

This screen places the player characters on one side, the enemies on the other, and employs an "Active Time Battle" (ATB) system in which the characters exchange moves until one side is defeated.

The damage (or healing) dealt by either side is quantified on screen.

If the characters rest at an inn, their hit points and mana points will be restored, along with any abnormalities contracted during battles.

At random intervals on the world map and in field mode, and at specific moments in the story, the game will enter the battle screen.

If the player is defeated, it is game over and the game must be loaded to the last save point.

When not in battle, the player can use the menu screen.

Critics praised its graphics, gameplay, music, and story, although some criticism was directed towards its English localization.

Its success has led to enhanced ports on various platforms, a multimedia subseries called the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, and an upcoming high-definition remake for the Play Station 4.

Characters have many statistics that determine their effectiveness in battle; for example, hit points determine how much damage they can take, and magic determines how much damage they can inflict with spells.

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