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Faust leaves the box outside of her door next to Siébel’s flowers.A while later, Marguerite’s neighbour arrives and spies the ornate box.

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Mark Saberton’s Mephistopheles or the Devil as we know him, was so mightily sinister the audience were dragged in by the sheer power and magic of his performance.

We were also wooed by the beauty of Marguerite so strong, so powerful, so sumptuous.

Tonight Salopians were treated to a fresh, an entertaining and thrilling evening of theatre.

If this is Swansea’s tenth anniversary then I‘ m convinced people will wait expectantly for productions in the many decades to follow.

Faust makes a deal with the devil, and the devil turns the poison into a potion of youth.

Faust drinks the potion and transforms into a handsome, young man. ACT 2 Faust and Méphistophélès arrive at an inn, where townspeople, students, and soldiers celebrate in merriment.

Perhaps for some, Opera is a difficult medium to identify with. Answers on a postcard to Mephistoheles care of Swansea City Opera.

Maybe it can be ,but having companies with the artistic integrity and cultural understanding that Swansea City Opera demonstrated, we should be seeing and hearing Opera for years to come and the World will be a better place for it. I’m sure it will find its way…just be careful what you wish for! Photography by Guy Harrop – ACT 1 Faust is an aging scholar, who, after spending decades of his life studying, has realized he has achieved nothing, all the while missing his youth and chances at love.

He then causes wine to flow from an old barrel and provides everyone with alcohol.

He gives a malign toast towards Marguerite, and Valentin; Valentin draws his sword, but it is useless against Méphistophélès’ powers.

A young soldier, Valentin, about to leave for the war, asks his friend Siébel to protect and watch over his sister, Marguerite.

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