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He is a warlock or witch and a descendant of one of the five founders of the Ipswich colony; Danvers, Garwin, Simms, Parry and Putnam.He has what is reffered to as 'The Power' which is shown as an infinite source of magic with which anything can be done, it is reffered to as 'using' when someone accesses the power, someone with the power ascends or receives their full power at 18 after getting a taste of it at 13, it is adictive and once you ascend it is tied to your life, willing away the power means certain death. He is best friends with Pogue Parry, Reid Garwin and Tyler Simms all of which are reffered to as 'The Sons of Ipswich' they attend Spenser academy a private school and all for families are rich.Caleb and his wife Lily Aldridge are expecting a baby, and now Jared announced his engagement to model Martha Patterson. "Jared proposed to Martha on April 11 at his home in Nashville and we're all excited for the newly engaged couple."Patterson sported a giant engagement ring at Coachella...

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During the course of the movie Caleb dates Sarah Wenham and ascends on the day of the Falls Fest Dance at pm.

It's been awhile since we've heard from rockers Kings of Leon.

Yesterday, reps confirmed Twilight beauty Ashley Greene has split from Disney star Joe Jonas, after an eight-month relationship.

But after being spotted out and about with King’s of Leon rocker Jared Followill on the very same day, could the lovely lady have a new leading man in her life already? Ashley was spied celebrating St Patrick’s Day in New York with the super-cool star – and King’s of Leon bassist – after meeting her dad, Joe.

The Kings of Leon rocker Jared Followill has reportedly called off his engagement to 23-year-old model Alisa Torres in order to start a relationship with the 'Twilight Saga: New Moon' actress Ashley Greene. magazine: "They were immediately attracted to each other the night they met at a Kings of Leon show in Vancouver."They kept in touch and finally he ended it with the fiancee to give it a try and now they're in New York together."The new couple were spotted at New York nightspot The Box last week where they celebrated Jared's 23rd birthday by "holding hands and making out."Ashley, 22, was most recently romantically linked to her 'Twilight' co-star Kellan Lutz.

However, the actor recently laughed off speculation they were dating, saying: "Every day I hear that Ashley and I are dating.

The song may or may not be on their follow-up album to 2010's Come Around Sundown, which is supposedly due September.

In a recent interview with NME, bassist Jared Followill said that the group's upcoming album was "like...

The band is composed of brothers Caleb Followill (b.

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