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I can also identify something very bitter and aloofish in it - perhaps black pepper? no need to re-apply ;) Why do I say it's a staple ?

(Tobacco it ain’t.) This gooey, mucky sweetness was so unpleasant to me that I had to scrub it off straight away. I work in business sales, I want attention I want to get all eyes on me.

Then it evolves bringing out mild spice aroma, dried fruits, cloves and a pinch of cinnamon. Just don’t go over spray and get outside @ cold night to let it breath. It was way over the top - cloying, too heady, almost nausea or headache inducing. The longevity of this thing is extreme, it easily lasts 24 hours on clothes and even on my skin (which refuses to let almost any fragrance last on it more than an hour or two, no matter how much I spray) it lasts a good 7-8 hours.

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Except for the boozy yet beautiful Velvet Orchid, all the other TF fragrances turn horrible as soon as they touch my skin.

I tested Tobacco Vanille in good faith - and again I was let down.

It’s like something crawled inside a jar of honey and died in there. This scent is iconic, and attention grabbing - just what I need.

The sillage is enormous - it sucks out all oxygen from the room! In short, when I don't feel like talking; the fragrance does the talking for me - it states "Success, confidence, and elegance".

In terms of gender tags, this is marked as a ‘unisex’ fragrance, yet in my humble opinion it is too sweet even for women; and I can’t possibly imagine it on a man. Ps: I no longer need to look for a gf, TF - Tobacco Vanille made it happen!

Call me old-fashioned, but I definitely wouldn’t want my man to smell like this. I love this stuff : D it's my signature scent To be honest, i add this one to any fragrance. The fragrance just lept off the card and bit me with this deep acidic tinge, that wasn't sweet or vanillee in any way; but was bold, and bitter, and stingy like acidic Tobasco.

A mystical journey into the land of tobacco and vanilla.

The initial blast on your skin is like diving into a sea of pure vanilla with a touch of tobacco. Initial spray is intense and I can smell the smoke and vanille Great longetivity but does stay close to body I really like this one. its remind me of spicebomb its definitly the younger brother. This is should be wore bu someone who understand the concept for the notes. Upon application I was quite disappointed as I expected more from a Tom Ford perfume (it was my first brush with TF).

Just way over the top and giving me the olfactory equivalent of having eaten a big hunk of way-too-rich cake : oversaturation and nausea.

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