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Favicon support - add your very own Favicon / shortcut icon to your free shorter URL address in order to arrange personalized bookmarks for your web site.Google Webmaster Tools support, that means you can now add your free nr domain to Webmaster Tools using "google-site-verification" meta tag. now you can add your free nr site to Bing Webmaster Tools using "msvalidate.01" site verification metatag. NR domain names, but a web project that povides free domains that look like real paid domain names on "as is" and "as available" basis. NR domain name free account includes free URL redirection with path forwarding and URL cloaking to redirect a free domain name to an existing web site.

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The Domain Hosting Bundle includes free DNS Management, free URL Forwarding, and free Email Forwarding.

We make it simple to: forward your domain names to any website, forward your email to an existing email address, create multiple sub domains, and more!

a free short URL that looks exactly like a real paid domain name: Do you have a long web site address that is difficult to remember?

NR Free Domain Name project was developed to provide free domain names or free subdomains with . NR domain extension to those who wish to get a cool and totally free website address, i.e.

No banners & No Popups, actually, NO ADS at all - and we are not going to add them in future. and much, much more Signup now for a Free Domain, or visit Best Free Domain page! NR 3rd level domain names, free subdomains or shortest URL's, please don't hesitate to Contact us. NR provides free domain names like nr that are free subdomains of nr free web domain name.

If you would like to learn more about us, our services, and about free . NR domain names or free sub domains, please visit About Us page, and read our Terms of Service Should you have any questions about CO.

Pars Data has a lottery among its members in the morning every day and the gift of Pars Data to winners is discount code of ir free domain registration.

This lottery will be done automatically and by the system and the result of it will be declared in this page and through email to winners.

By using this possibility, domain registration is done 100% free and is not done any payments from users. For free domain registration just enough when you register the domain, enter the code of free domain registration that has a green color in this page, therefore your ir domain will be registered for one year.

The domains that have been registered in this page as free is like another domains that have all of the facilities such as ownership management and Whois, determine the NS and desired host, transfer the ownership and the other facilities and it has not any difference with the domain that register by payment.

a subdirectory or some files using your free domain name forwarding address - e.g.

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