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The intoxicating nature of poppers, risks to health and potential social harms, are all issues that need to be considered, officials said.

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After all the government are there to work for the people (in theory anyway).

Please click the image or follow this link to sign the petition for the Government to keep its hands off our Poppers.

Despite the ACMD report suggesting an exemption for Poppers and various other groups and organisations such as the National Aids Trust and Stonewall all advocating the exemption the government want to press ahead with a ban.

There has been a petition set up in defense of the use of poppers and I urge all UK residents to sign the petition and send a message to government to listen to the people.

Under the proposals from the Home Office, police could be given new powers to shut down websites selling legal highs, and Minister of State for Policing, Crime, Criminal Justice and Victims, Mike Penning, said: “Young people who take these substances are taking exceptional risks with their health and those who profit from their sale have a complete disregard for the potential consequences. “The landmark bill will fundamentally change the way we tackle new psychoactive substances – and put an end to the game of cat and mouse in which new drugs appear on the market more quickly than government can identify and ban them.

“The blanket ban will give police and other law enforcement agencies greater powers to tackle the reckless trade in psychoactive substances, instead of having to take a substance-by-substance approach.” email the Home Secretary Theresa May and let her know that you don’t want this to happen.

The use of these inhalants was found by the authors to be on the rise, however, when surveying Los Angeles informants, searching internet sites, and reading drug-related message boards.

Depictions of huffing poppers have been seen in MSM-oriented online pornography since 2010.

Just as for heterosexuals, the most commonly used illicit drug amongst LGB people is cannabis, used by around 1 in 5 gay or bi men, and 1 in 6 lesbian or bi women.

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