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I knew he was a scam but I went along to see what he will ask.

And 3 days ago he did, for the most ridiculous reason.

Did they really let you feel they are really a real person? Like: what’s their nickname, what’s their favorite dish, what’s their favorite color or something like that.? Hope you guys know what I am talking about:) Thank you.

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Poetry Music but his photo said this man loves you and he has never felt so in love in all his life.

Othopedic surgeon in Aleppo Syria and wanted me to pay $5000 Australian and he said I would get it back after he was at his Vacation destination.

A major was shot dead and left him a box with a lot of monay which was in a security company in Germany and of course hebonly trusted me withat, as I was the only person in his life, and wanted me to pay the company to send me the box for keeping in London.

I told him immediately NO and I confronted him with copies of all the info I had for him.

This went on for 6 and a half months but what made me smell a rat was a women in Queensland sent money to me and I was to send it to a women in South Carolina America. What happened then was I didnt hear from him for a while and then a Dr David Kendall texted me. Hello everyone, I read a comment from Feb 2018 regarding Dr. Such a coincidence that he looks exactly like the person who’s been contacting me - "Dr. A NATO surgeon in Syria who’s about to get transferred to Iraq because mean old me won’t pay $4,300 for his early retirement papers.

He was of course on Hangout which he wanted me to get on to ASAP. Ha, his story is almost cookie cutter, to those already in here. Same story as what I’ve read repeatedly here - wife died of cancer, 15 year old son in boarding school in Georgia, can’t access his bank account due to ISIS bombing the banking system, fell in love with me in less than 5 days, wants i Phone gift cards.

I cannot find him anywhere on the internet It is a scam so must I say this again. Look this man up and you will see he is not working for the United Nations as they have a list of Doctor's that work for the UN. They are not real men so research these men please.

They reel you in, you tell them all about your life, past and present, they log the information, and in the end they only have to mention your children’s names, your pets, asking if they are all ok, showing they care and showing someone is there for you.

In the beginning he denied everything, then he became angry and at the end he apologised.

I blocked him, reported his emails and Tinder account to the police.

I started chatting to a guy who said he was english born but his father was american.

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