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Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion on something and it doesn't always mean they aren't feminist.And I agree on the Jezebel note - sometimes things are called sexist when they don't need to be, and I think that's hurting the movement more than helping.It's a very all-or-nothing-either-you-are-us-or-you-are-our-hated-foe kind of mentality and I sincerely doubt that I'm the only person who finds it off-putting.

rates aren’t much lower than gun homicide rates in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (5.2 deaths per 100,000 people). Firearm homicide rates in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the United States and Pakistan, 2010 Compared to certain countries known for their high crime rates, such as Jamaica, Russia, South Africa and Kenya, the U. had the second-highest rate of gun homicide deaths after Jamaica (view data online). The following screen grab indicates that El Salvador, Colombia and Honduras had the highest rates of firearm homicides in the world in 2010. has much higher rates of unintentional death from firearms compared to other countries. Access the data visualization here: It doesn’t have to be this way.

has about two fewer gun homicide deaths per 100,000 people than Iraq, which has 6.5 deaths per 100,000. stands out for its high rates of homicide firearm deaths, its rates look small compared to certain Latin American countries. and peer countries, 2013 Source: Global Burden of Disease Study.

But after reading this response to that, I can get a better understanding of what they're trying to say... shoup88: You can be vilified pretty quickly for holding a different view.

I also dislike how kneejerk the reactions can be when determining whether something was caused by sexism or not.

I used to regularly frequent Jezebel, but I just started finding the articles more and more ridiculous.

Sometimes bad things happen to women that have nothing to do with their gender. There are a lot of views and opinions connected to the feminist movement, and it's way too much to expect every feminist out there to agree on everything.

Yes, we can say that there are some things really wrong with feminism right now and still be feminists.

Critiquing what’s going on in terms of gender equality doesn’t mean we don’t believe in the movement, it just means you recognize that there is always room for improvement – especially when it comes to a sensitive issue like this one.

Whenever a mass shooting occurs, a debate about gun violence ensues. and peer countries by weapon type, 2013 Source: Global Burden of Disease Study. has higher rates of homicides from guns than Pakistan. Firearm homicide rates in Latin America and the United States, 2010 Another issue that gets less attention is how many people die from firearms . Our peer countries don’t have the same homicide and accidental gun death problems that we have in the United States.

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