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In case you're curious: it's called a "KI" because it has a D'ni numeral 3 engraved on it.

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These do not transport you anywhere; you just read them.) Sometime around 1800 AD (our calendar), a Linking Book fell to Earth.

A surface dweller found it, and it transported him to the Age of Myst -- an island surrounded by unbounded seas.

If you've gotten into the game, and want some non-spoiler guidance about what to try first, see "What should I be doing here?

" The D'ni were an ancient race of people who had the power to travel to -- or perhaps create -- other worlds. ") They arrived on Earth nearly ten thousand years ago, but they did not colonize the surface world.

Finally, however, they themselves fell into traps that had been left on Myst. He then ventured into the Age of Riven to rescue Atrus's wife, Catherine.

Thus reunited, the couple left to raise their youngest child -- a girl named Yeesha.

Bio Shock (First-person shooter, PC, .99; Xbox 360, .99) Call of Duty 4 (First-person shooter, PC, .99; PS3, .99; Xbox 360, .99) Crysis (First-person shooter, PC, .99) Halo 3 (First-person shooter, Xbox 360, .99) Mass Effect (Role-playing, Xbox 360, .99) The Orange Box (First-person shooter, PC, .99; PS3, .99; Xbox 360, .99) Danger!

If you're worried about your kids being exposed to violence, rough language, and suggestive themes, these are games you will absolutely want to avoid (even if all five are high-quality games).

In Uru Live, the KI is used for all sorts of tasks: chatting with other players, seeing who is in the same Age as you, taking photographs, managing buddy lists, choosing who can visit your private Ages. (You are, after all, a explorer from the surface world.) One of your first goals when you start the game will be to pick up a KI.

(See "Getting a KI device".) Until you do this, many functions will be unavailable to you.

A D'ni master of the Writing Art would inscribe a volume with a precise symbolic and mathematical description of a world.

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