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The established view was that these earliest known inhabitants of Finland had arrived mostly by land from eastern Europe.

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From those coastal regions of the Arctic Ocean, north of the present national boundary of Finland, have come the most ancient relics of human culture ever discovered by Finnish archaeologists. It was found in 1914 in Korpilahti swamp at Antrea, Karelia.

(not far from the writer's ancestral home) At the bottom of the picture are bark floats; at the top, rock weights. Nettle has been used for thousands of years, and for many applications including medicine.

The Baltic shoreline moved south over millennia beginning when the Baltic was a giant freshwater lake fed by ice-melt. At this time, several ringed seal subspecies became land-locked in the inland waters.

The oldest relics ever found in southern Finland are of slightly later origin, dating perhaps from 7200 B. In those ancient times, there lived on the Finnish coast a simple people who made weapons of stone and bone, and who practiced hunting and fishing.

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The Mastiff is a large, massive, symmetrical dog with a well-knit frame. A good evaluation considers positive qualities of type and soundness with equal weight.

About twelve thousand years ago, Finland (the area inhabited by Finns, Karelians and Lapps, between Norway and Lake Onega) was almost totally buried under a continental ice sheet, just as Greenland is today.

Gradually, the ice sheet melted, (early global warming) and its southern margin retreated farther and farther north.

Forechest should be deep and well defined with the breastbone extending in front of the foremost point of the shoulders. Degree of front angulation to match correct rear angulation. Feet large, round, and compact with well arched toes. Stifle joint is moderately angulated matching the front.

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