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With all acne, the first line of defence is to fix up your diet if you eat a lot of processed foods, get better sleep, lower your stress, and exercise.

Switch to a gentle and natural skin care routine too, A generally unhealthy lifestyle is the biggest reason that anyone’s hormones are going to be out of whack and produce acne (no matter what kind of acne you have).

Acne isn’t, like, a normal thing that just happens for no reason.

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Obviously some great advice – try eliminating or cutting way back on dairy; gluten; sugar, ditch commercial products, etc.

Everyone’s different and this stuff is all good advice that may work like a million dollars for you.

Was there a nugget of gold that I picked out of that?

Most of it was all stuff that I had heard before and lots of it I have talked about on the blog.

To me, the one thing that stood out the most out of the entire list as something eye-catchingly interesting was this: “I have had success with my female clients who have acne with a protocol of three months on vitex herb (chastetree berry, also known as “Agnus Castus” in some parts of the world), for balancing hormones, tincture of milk thistle for the liver, and burdock root to cleanse blood.

It has worked wonders.” Well, essentially everyone’s acne is hormonal, so this title is quite misleading.It’s usually accompanied by other PMS symptoms, and irregular periods.This type of acne is usually caused by something called estrogen dominance, where your estrogen and progesterone are not in balance, usually due to having high ‘bad estrogens’ (which we accumulate from the environment from things like plastic).alternative medicine, herbal medicine, ayurvedic medicine, homeopathic medicine, integrative medicine, allopathic medicine, complementary medicine, alternative therapy, hospital, clinic, pharmacy, rehabilitation, healthcare, and medical websites.A couple posts ago, I gave you a ridiculously long list of opinions about how to treat acne naturally.The protocol I’m about to describe might also work with hormonal PCOS acne as I sometimes see that ladies with PCOS use the same supplements, but I’m not 100% sure of the details quite yet (until then, check out this amazing ebook on PCOS, because this lady DOES know her stuff when it comes to that).

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