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• Getting rid of the deduction for the state and local taxes.• Eliminating estate tax and the alternative-minimum tax.Here’s this week’s question: “I’m getting married, and my partner has hefty student loans and credit card bills. Debt shouldn’t keep you from putting a ring on it, if you take the right precautions.” And she’s 100 percent correct in telling couples, who are thinking about getting married, to share credit reports and credit scores.

What if, for instance, you are an attractive package who’s just been ghosted by someone you thought was in it for the long haul?

You’d certainly feel confusion, conflict, devastation, grief, insecurity, hurt, or anger.

So for last week’s question I asked: What are your thoughts on Trump’s tax plan? of Scranton, Penn., where she says, “nobody wants to be a coal miner” had this to say: “Who doesn’t like an income tax reduction? I believe the projection that it will supercharge growth is quite rosy and doesn’t fully take demographics into account. Our aging population doesn’t spend like they did in their 40s, and those now in their 50s may recognize the additional income as an opportunity to wisely increase their own retirement savings.

So that leaves those in the 20-to-40-something cohort as the potential big spenders.

Particularly pay attention to the person’s views about carrying debt.

And if there is a lot of it, is there a good plan to get rid of it?People in that age group making a good income are probably still dealing with student debt of their own and saving for their own retirements and children’s educations.So if you have an estate that’s worth more than .5 million, it’ll be great.There appears to be a large gap in knowledge about how taxes work, and I hope someone in Congress is more knowledgeable on the subject than the information coming out of the White House.” Elizabeth Kelley of Fredericksburg, Va., weighed in on the proposal to cut corporate taxes.She wrote, “The proposed reduction in the corporate tax rate will not ‘trickle down’ to the average worker in less expensive goods, more jobs and better wages.I was reading a Q&A column on Nerd Wallet and was intrigued by a question on how much debt is too much for people to hook up?

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