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Also, I would like it to show a different message: Date/ time 1 message (during): Season 2015 start: Date/ time 2 message (during): Time left: Message when date/ time 2 expires: (blank) I was in need of stopping/removing the CDown after a certain amount of time - let's say 30 seconds.So it counts down to the specified date which is some months away but stops after 30 seconds (as if it broke down)." until midnight when it rolls over and restarts the countdown. You really need access to the server's time to accurately do what you are asking.

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In the example below, we set the timestamp to 0 seconds from January 1, 1970 PM, GMT.

Thereby we can check what day of week January 1, 1970 was.

If a user then enters your site on a Tuesday, the site will have background_2as background, and the next day, background_3 In the next lesson, you will be introduced to new building blocks that can be used to make loops and repetitions in your codes.

is the day of the week you want it to count down to (0=Sunday, 3=Wednesday, 6=Saturday).

It will automatically reset the countdown each week.

If the current day is the same day the countdown will expire and it is AFTER the countdown hour is past, it will show "Now! We are using it to count down every day until a certain cut-off shipping time as in "order in the next 4 hours and 12 minutes to have your order shipped today". But you're still on the hook for manually dealing with DST changing the offset between -4 and -5 for Eastern.Thus, you are actually now able to make very advanced and dynamic web solutions, where the users can maintain and update a database using forms.If you want to see a sophisticated example of what can be made with PHP and databases, try to join our community.The syntax for an SQL statement that updates the fields in a table is: With the knowledge you now have from the lessons 19, 20 and 21, it should be quite easy to understand how the above syntax is used in practice. The code below updates Donald Duck's first name to D. The other information (last name and birthdate) are not changed.You can try to change the other people's data by writing your own SQL statements. You have learned to insert, retrieve, delete and update a database with PHP.Example: in PHP your Advantages Since this method uses the server to calculate "expires xx seconds from now" this avoids and prevents any issues with timezone differences, Daylight Savings Time, and any issues with the visitor's clock not being correct.

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