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It is still a small percentage of overall cost, but the larger the display, the larger the savings.Still, energy savings alone is not usually a good reason to invest in LED Christmas lights.

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Therefore, by using ENERGY STAR light bulbs, we are able to save energy, greenhouse gas emissions from entering into the atmosphere and some cash!

Encourage your friends and family to use ENERGY STAR light bulbs so that they can also be a part of these savings.

It is one of many factors that should be considered when calculating your ROI.

Long time Christmas decorators will recall the annual ritual of testing and repairing incandescent Christmas lights prior to installation followed by 30 days of constant repair/replacement of bulbs going out and fuses blowing.

ENERGY STAR light bulbs are light bulbs that conserve energy and wear a label that says ENERGY STAR on them.

Compared to an incandescent light bulb, an ENERGY STAR light bulb uses up to 75% less energy. My name is Darren Vader and I'm the founder and head elf here at The Christmas Light Today I'd like to share with you some of the differences between LED Christmas lights and incandescent Christmas lights and why the time is right to make the move to LED Christmas lights for use in your holiday decorating.Typical displays will never see a financial payback on the investment if looking at energy savings alone.Large commercial displays, on the other hand, can see a large positive financial impact by using LED Christmas lights.Let them know that by acting together we can make a difference.

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