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Blue color refers to trust and stability in American culture while in India it refers to calmness.

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Red and yellow are considered auspicious in India as they represent kumkum2 and turmeric, two ingredients imperative for every Indian wedding.

However in America, colors of red, orange and yellow signify warmth and thanksgiving.

However, most of the Native American Indian casualties are caused by diseases brought by the colonizers. On the other hand, contacts and interactions between the Native Americans and Europeans brought benefits to both people (Discovery and Colonization).

However people from various cultural groups and countries will carry their own cultural roots and practices with them wherever they go.

It is only when we understand the differences and similarities between the cultures of the two nations; we can better understand why people behave as they normally do.

In the below paragraphs, the essay tries to examine the contrasts and similarities People respond to colors in different ways and this greatly has to do with the cultural backgrounds they are from.

While the Indian culture is strongly influenced by its age old thinking and wisdom of over 4000 years, the American culture is relatively new, fresh and appealing…

Furthermore, the Native Americans lost many of their people because they had not acquired immunity against the new diseases brought by the Europeans.

Religions The freedom of religion is seen to be prevalent and a common point between the diverse cultures of India and America.

In India, the major religious communities include Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains and Parsis.

In the American culture, black signifies death and mourning.

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