Internet dating conversation topics

First, as mentioned previously, I intentionally kept first dates short and only extended the “good” ones.

Second, I would memorize topics that I could talk about.

It is important to be able to have light-hearted conversations to prevent your date from becoming too impersonal.

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For all my shyness, I never found it very difficult to have conversations on a first date.

It isn’t that I gained confidence, I just planned ahead.

Early on, there may not be much you care to discover; this was the case for me.

However, the more I dated, the more qualities I identified as something I desired.

Aside from the fun of discussing online dating, using their profile to fuel other small-talk is a great idea.

Favorite television shows, hobbies, professions and most other specifics provided in the profile are excellent topics because, chances are, she will want to talk about these things.

Also, I would ask general questions like how long she had been online dating, if she had any success, if she gets a lot of contacts, and other non-intrusive conversations.

Aside from making excellent small-talk, these conversations also humanize you.

In many cases, the small-talk will come naturally but there’s nothing wrong with being prepared.

It’s up to you what you want to talk about but I would recommend being open to discussing your online dating experiences.

A final good small-talk topic I found was telling self-deprecating, but funny, stories.

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