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Sure, my butt would be out for all to see and I'd probably be sent home, but it would be so worth it. Okay, you probably know of the meme, but you might be wondering who the hell this Gavin kid is in the first place.

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In bizarre news, the latest meme trend revolves around Tide's brightly colored laundry detergent pods.

The candy-colored soap nuggets have been deemed the "forbidden fruit" and are getting meme'd to oblivion.

Each person could wear a cardboard cut out of each candidate's response and dress up as them, too.

If you don't see at least five people wearing print out copies of a crying Michael Jordan this year, then Halloween 2016 is a dud.

Years ago, a journalists wouldn’t have bothered writing up articles about the latest meme, and those memes definitely wouldn’t have gone so viral so quickly. I sound like a weirdo saying this, but this year has been a primo year for memes–both good and obnoxious–and it’s only natural that they’ll experience their last hurrah of 2016 during Halloween, when thousands of people decide to dress up as them. this year for Halloween, and maybe it'll be the last time we ever have to deal with his mass appeal ever again.

Check out these 13 memes you’re guaranteed to see in costume form this year, from Joanne the Scammer, to Harambe, to that Mr. Gorilla masks are easy enough to find at any costume store, though die hard Harambe "fans" will probably go for the full costume.

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You can go all the way with a messy wig or opt out of it, but either way you'll need a faux fur white pelt and fake stubble.

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