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It usually made people realise how stupid they sounded.” - currentstand “I’m a white male and my SO of a year is black...We are concerned about race relations in the US as well as mass incarceration.

K., British whites are much less likely to have a partner of a different race.

According to the latest census data, only 4 percent of British whites have settled down with someone outside their racial background.

My dad, a slightly racist 60something, just thinks our kids are going to be really good at math.” - jethrohull“My husband is half Indo-Trinidadian and I’m white.

Not had any racism from the family but I’ve had a British dude harass me for ‘fucking a p**i’ and, since we live in Texas and my husband is brown, everyone assumes he is Mexican and tries speaking to him in Spanish.” - rebel_nature “My girlfriend in high school was black. The only time we ever heard anything blatantly racist was when we were on a date in the ‘big city’ and a crusty old black guy told us what he thought of our relationship.

When we first started dating my dad, although not in a derogatory or malevolent way, kept referring to her as ‘oriental’.

I finally had to take him aside and politely ask him to stop, which thankfully he did without question. ” - Glom_gazinga “My husband is half-Asian and I am an Italian/Irish girl.

“She was once called a race traitor by a black guy she knew.

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Yet while interracial couples are on the rise in the U.

He shook his head at us and said: ‘You shouldn’t be together’ as he walked past.

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