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He would doom not only himself, but the four other Survivors he had lived with as Kucha over the last 21 days. The reasons to hop off were two: Exhaustion, and peanut butter.Jeff Varner leapt off the pole and dove head first through door number two. These days, on the other side of the dark side, Varner knows the danger of peanut butter better than anyone else on the cast of Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance, having willingly bowed out of his then final immunity challenge for a big bowl of the stuff.

”), and how he started finger-wagging wars between his tribe mates without getting caught. I’ve had 15 years to think about the mistakes I made. That’s where I’m aiming.”Varner does not believe he’s alone with his Cagayan concerns (“I can sense that people are wary”), and Spencer isn’t the only Season 28 alum whose body language is pinging on the radar, either.“We have one sofa on our porch,” he describes of the Ponderosa setup. Tasha parks [herself] there in the morning and does not move until night. She hogs it.”Varner is looking well beyond the Cagayan foursome, too.

He was devious, clever, and very entertaining television — but the 49-year-old North Carolina native remembers a lot of other things from his Survivor past, and not all of them are good.“I would say the wrong things to the wrong people,” he says, “Like saying to Rodger certain things that, now that I know Rodger, wouldn’t work. I feel like I’m ready.”Varner’s observations extend to everyone in the Second Chance cast, but for now, he focuses on Spencer — and not just Spencer, but the three people from his season who are in Cambodia as well.“There is a Cagayan four here,” he says, when I ask why he’s targeting Spencer. From our perspective here, that’s really the only way to look at it. “There are also people out here who are pairs,” he says, “and there are people out here who are singles — and those are the assets.”At first, Varner says, he thought that he should be targeting the players without anyone else returning from their season — people like Stephen Fishbach, who has spent every year since he played Survivor writing about the show for and dissecting strategy on the Survivor Know-It-Alls podcast.“He’s a brainy little know-it-all, and even goes by that name,” says Varner.

But he does not need to hear words in order to hear his opponents loud and clear.“It’s all about body language,” he says.

“I brought a body language book with me written by FBI experts about how they cracked cases.

Shane did not make the cut for Second Chance, to the surprise of many fans, and to the horror of Varner.“That sucks,” he says about Shane not being here.

“We had a conference call the night before we all left for LA. If we get separated, here’s who we lean toward.'”Already, this pre-game alliance has lost one member, but one of Shane’s plans might still be in motion.

“I’m interested to see if I do.”Over the next several minutes, Varner goes into extreme detail about his Survivor past, the people he’s up against in Second Chance, the schemes he’s cooking up, the deals he already has in place — but throughout the talk, he keeps coming back to one line: “This is my second chance.” These are not just words for Jeff Varner.

They are his everything right now.“It hit me hard yesterday,” he tells me.

“I cried on the beach yesterday, and I don’t know why.

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