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Traditionally the prostitutes were supposed to wear only simple blue robes, but this was rarely enforced.

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One way a woman could get out of Yoshiwara was for a rich man to buy her contract from the brothel and keep her as his wife or concubine.

Another would be if she managed to be successful enough that she was able to buy her own freedom. Many women died of sexually transmitted diseases or from failed abortions before completing their contracts.

When the girl was old enough and had completed her training, she would become a courtesan herself and work her way up the ranks.

The young women often had a contract to the brothel for only about five to ten years, but massive debt sometimes kept them in the brothels their entire lives.

It remained in business, however, until prostitution was outlawed by the Japanese government in 1958 after World War II.

Prostitution is technically illegal, although this supposed illegality has been accomplished by applying a rather strained definition of the term (for example, the definition of "prostitution" does not extend to a "private agreement" reached between a woman and a man in a brothel).Though samurai were discouraged from entering the Yoshiwara area, they often did so.The only requirement on them was that all their weapons had to be left at the town's entrance gate.These girls were often indentured to the brothels by their parents between the ages of about seven to twelve.If she was lucky, she would become an apprentice to a high-ranking courtesan.The courtesans would consist of yūjo (women of pleasure/prostitutes), kamuro (young female students), shinzō (senior female students), hashi-jōro (lower-ranking courtesans), kōshi-jōro (high-ranking courtesans just below tayū), tayū (high-ranking courtesans), oiran, yarite (older chaperones for an oiran), and the yobidashi who replaced the tayū when they were priced out of the market.

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