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According to an article by Kurimoto Kazuo in the , the traditional form of the Japanese family is designated by the word ie, which symbolizes an original concept embracing not only the structure of the family but the bonds uniting its members, the family assets, and the activities connected with it.

He also describes the ie as more like a socioeconomic institution than a family or community related by blood.

In Ancient Egypt, women were to have equal rights in marriage, but this notion was not always practiced.

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Kazou goes on to say that the ie is primarily based on family ties, the most important of which are those with parents and ancestors.

Under the Meiji civil code which prevailed until the end of World War II, the basic unit of society was the ie, or household.

Before getting far into the paper, there are two topics that ought to be brought up so as to avoid any misunderstandings, as well as to provide sufficient historical context.

One of these is the ie family system, which is important to understanding some of the background of marriage in Japan as well as an overview of attitudes towards women.

This was a practice that extended into the merchant class during the Tokugawa Period.

Polygynous marriage became less common during the Muromachi Period; traits that became popular included marrying at a distance (rather than within a close group) and lavish weddings.

Throughout history, as changes in Japanese social systems and conditions took place, so did transformations in Japanese marital systems transpire; some significant features of Japanese marriages do not seem to have changed all that much, however.

An article from the says that men of importance could have more than one mate, and were not bound at any time to a single mate in monogamous marriage.

The other topic is the samurai, which is significant to explain because of the depth to which the values of the samurai class influenced marriage and family as a whole.

The ie Family System It is necessary, before going deeper into discussion of the history of Japanese marriage, to explain the family system known as ie, which existed for hundreds of years.

The change from the age of aristocracy to the age of the shoguns (military governors) led to a change from the old practice of muko-iri to the new practice of yome-iri.

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