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"TBD in the AM" in January 2013, co-hosting along with Tiki Barber and Brandon Tierney.On December 5, 2014, Dana tweeted out that she would be leaving "TBD in the AM" to work on CBS Sports Network.

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At least that’s the way Dana Jacobson (@danajacobson) felt when she decided to walk away from a new contract proposal from ESPN last spring with no other job offers on the table. I don’t shy away from being a woman and talk about things the way a woman would. I hope to fit in by providing a different take on things, a different chemistry. It is amazing to me in 2013, that if you look on a national scale, there’s barely any women doing (sports talk radio). How do you it is going to work with you, Barber and Tierney? I had the opportunity to fill in for Jim (on Jim Rome’s CBS Sports Network show), and that was great. Tuesday: The new CBS Sports Radio network has put together a formidable lineup, but will you be able to hear it in your town?

She said while she loved her 10-plus years at ESPN, the passion for the job wasn’t there anymore. Sports talk radio is like sitting in the bar with your friends talking about sports. I’ll do some college basketball as we get closer to the tournament. I’m not starting over, but it feels like when I first got to ESPN and looked at all the opportunities.

We can’t say anything about her personal life, relationship dating and affair. Neither can we say about her boyfriend, husband and divorce. Apart from being gorgeously beautiful, she is also considered to be very talented.

Her flamboyant figure, dazzling persona and her mesmerizing presence is something that is beyond any explanation.

In the year 1993, at the age of twenty two, with a Bachelor of Arts in English and communications, Jacobson graduated from the University of Michigan.

Currently she is working in ESPN as an ESPNEWS anchor.

’ Last January or February, I didn’t feel like there was something drawing me to stay there other than it’s ESPN.

The beautiful and talented Dana Jacobson is well known as a sports anchorwoman.

Also inspired by the desire to live where she actually wanted to live for once (no offense, Bristol), Jacobson, 41, sold her house and car and moved to New York. From the first show, I thought there was a good blend. (When she left ESPN), I never saw the radio thing coming.

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