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Although there is a lot of intimacy between Arab men, having sexual contact together is ver hard and fraught with risk.

Which is why Most homosexual Arab men prefer to trawl for gay westerners, who are the discreet NSA option to act on their urges.

They are not Western style with cubicles but rather a central hot stone to lay on with sinks around. Men can do what they like, the society is controlled by men, but they cannot be GAY.

His grinder pix were either shirtless or casual American style wear. There was no question of our roles; he was the top and I was the bottom. I was really surprised when he started kissing me while fucking. It is seen all throughout Asia, the Middle East, India, and some of Africa. Hell, even the Bushes held hands with various Saudi men when they were over there. I'd hardly say people are sheltered for commenting on this behavior.

Anyway, since he was only 22 and claimed to not be gay, I assumed he would be kind of awkward and hesitant. It is odd when countries claim there is no homosexuality in their culture, but it is normal for men to be hanging on one another.

Middle Eastern society may not want to label men "gay," because they don't want to even admit that gay exists.

Not admitting that someone is gay is their way of denying gay and keeping people in the closet.

At first I just asked him a few questions about what he was into. We still have a long way to go but at least I don't live in fear of some police force hunting me down. Displays of entirely platonic affection between two men, such as holding hands and/or walking arm in arm, are both commonplace and completely normal in most Arab countries as well as some Hindi ones.

When I asked what it was like to be gay in the UAE, the replied, "LOL... I'm a top."Seems like that's the prevalent attitude: everything up to bottoming is ok. Imagine my surprise when a guy dressed like the guy in the link showed up. Male friends showing open affection for each other, such as holding hands, walking arm in arm, or arms around each other's shoulders, is common in half of the world. There is simply not a connotation there that such actions constitute anything remotely "gay," just as it's common for two young female friends to hold hands while walking down the street Stateside and have it not be anything at all sexual in nature.2 horny men in bed and sometimes something happens.{quote]You are OFTEN thrown into bed with other men when traveling. How often, and how soon after I get off the plane can I expect to be thrown into bed with other men? It was kind of weird so I never did it, but was flattered.Now, where'd I leave my passport...25 years ago I was based in Saudi Arabia and wow, what an education. I don't think there's one adult Muslim/Arab man who hasn't had some kind of sex at least once (most likely more) in his life.Granted, such behavior doesn't mean the men are gay, but it is strange to many westerners.I always believed being gay was nature Vs nurture, but having lived in the GCC for 5 years now, I can not believe how many "men that have sex with men" there are.Have you seen a jihad for love about gay men in the Arab world. If he got caught having sex with a woman without being married, he ran the risk of prison, or worse.

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