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Mr Foley, who died 60 years ago, was attached to the British Embassy in Berlin in the 1920s and 1930s.

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He repeatedly flouted Nazi laws, at great personal danger, to enable Jews in Germany to escape to Britain and Palestine.

He also helped to forge passports, secured their release from concentration camps, and in the late 1930s he even hid Jewish fugitives in his own home.

As a consummately effective intelligence officer he witnessed at first hand the Nazi seizure of power, and the horrors and depravity of the regime.

While many condemned and criticised the Nazis' discriminative laws, Frank took action.'With little regard for his personal safety he took a stance against evil.

Despite exposing himself to significant personal risk, Frank made a decision to help.

'He knew the dire consequences were he to get caught.

Frank's tenacity and passion saved the lives of many thousands of European Jews, using his position as a passport control officer, he ensured that they could travel safely out of the clutches of Hitler's killers.' Journalist Michael Smith, who first uncovered Mr Foley's incredible story after being tipped-off by a MI6 contacts, previously said: 'He was very moralistic.

He'd been brought up a Catholic by his mother and studied to be a priest.'To him the whole Hitler regime was anathema - he said it was the rule of the devil on earth'.

Foley also hid Jews in his home and used his secret service skills to help them obtain false papers, forged passports and visas.

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