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Possibly other members of the family followed him in a few years, but, strangely, we can learn nothing of them if there were any.George the Emigrant was a young, unmarried man when he reached America.

I heard from them all last spring by their uncle John Scarbro; three of them to-wit, Stephanus, Absalom and John, are removed into Virginia, to a place called Opeckon.

The first two are married amongst Friends, the other three, named James, Mary and George lived in Bucks county," (Pennsylvania).

We know that he married Sarah Wood, probably in Virginia, and that other children were born and raised in that state.

His third child, or second son, George was born and married in Virginia, and Richard, born in 1745, was also married in Virginia.

Family histories are always interesting if accurate.

The peculiar conditions under which America was settled by the English seriously interfered with preserving family records, and our American laws preventing entailment of property tends to discourage accurate family genealogies, rather than to encourage them.With a proper co-operation of others members of the family it is believed that by the time on our third reunion we may be able to construct a genealogical tree complete in all details up to the present date. As a result of this call, the First Reunion of the Haworth Family in America was held as above indicated, and the following are the proceedings of said meeting. Miss Mary Petty of North Carolina was appointed Secretary pro tem.It is earnestly hoped by all who have helped prepare this little volume that a special endeavor be made to locate descendants of George and his sister Mary, youngest son and daughter of George the Emigrant. The Meeting was called to order by the Temporary Chairman Wm. A short devotional period was then entered into, led by Mrs. After the singing of "Crown Him Lord of All", the 90 of Ridge Farm, Illinois, suggested that those who rose to speak should give their names and addresses so that they might be better known, and that the Secretary might have no trouble in getting the names.:--It seems to me we will need a committee to take material that comes before us and get it in shape for use on a program for our sessions and let persons who have material or business that should come before the Association take it to that committee first.:--It seems to me that we had better have a small committee, perhaps, to have charge of the Registration Book, as there is a certain plan that we would like to have followed in the registering of the names.He died November 28, 1724, leaving a widow and six children, five sons and one daughter, namely: Stephanus, Absalom, John, James, Mary and George.Later, it seems three or four of the boys migrated to Virginia where at least two of them married.In a letter from England by Caleb Haworth, dated Halifax, Yorkshire, England, September 25, 1826, it is stated that George the Emigrant wrote letters to England frequently until 1722, and that after his death a similar correspondence was kept up by his sister, Mary Myers, and her son John Myers, until 1745.

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