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It’s more interesting to find out what people do when they’re not at work. Like spending Sundays pottering around vintage markets?Ever eaten so much pizza that you threw up on the tube? We are not matchmakers at Speed Dater, so it’s up to you to use your time wisely and find out what you have in common.

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Once that was set, I loved him with all the passion an early Beverly Cleary reader could muster and invited him to play catch and kiss in the neighborhood park. Just f*** take a picture of yourself in a white dress holding a “I do” sign why don’t ya?

As I rolled into my 30s, things stopped being that easy. Scars happened, walls came up, and being all lovey and vulnerable seemed more frightening than going on a kale cleanse during the holidays. ”But isn’t that the point-to let someone know how we feel?

In the US there is this complicated game called dating where you pretend to like multiple people at the same time and generally do the OPPOSITE of what you really want. If you had any butterflies in your stomach they perished in a day, drowning in acidic anxiety induced indigestion. Their first date: a week long bicycle trip across the state of Montana. “If you don’t take a crazy chance on someone, you’ll never reap the benefits,” she said. Please don’t tell me you used your calligraphy pen and sprayed perfume on it too…”“Um…” I blushed. The right people, the word people, the heart-open people, will appreciate and fall in love with your metaphors too.

A man waits 3 days to call, a girl waits 5 dates to sleep with him. I was going to see if you wanted to go see some music at the Independent but I’ll ask the other girl I am dating….” he said. In addition to a permanent stomach ache, dispersing your energy on guessing games across multiple people takes away all the joy of falling, a sensation best described as “twitterpated” where the subject’s name is doodled in notebook margins and referenced in any conversation, serving to annoy your friends. As my mother’s (impulsive) daughter, I once fell for a New York man after spending 48 hours with him when he was in San Francisco on business. So after he left, I wrote him a love letter by candlelight, sealed it in hand dripped wax, and mailed it to Manhattan. If someone is intimidated by your expression, run fast and far away. Right leads to either intense desperation or insane calculation.

Everyone is in the same boat – they want to meet new people just like you for friendship and dating. There is a famous saying that goes “smile and world smiles with you”.

This may seem like really obvious dating advice but this really is the most helpful of all tips for speed dating!

What to wear speed dating men – nice shoes, smart jeans and tailored collared shirt is always a wining combo! So don’t be afraid to find a new gig buddy or jogging partner.

Get your mates to meet his mates out for an after work drink and bam – his single work friend is right up your street.

What to wear speed dating women – a nice dress and heels is a great option, but also make sure you are comfortable too. Ladies, I’ve been there myself and the following speed dating tips for ladies are essential: Come with an open mind Make sure you are sitting down before you read this next sentence: you probably won’t meet Ryan Gosling or George Clooney at your singles event. You will however meet new people who aren’t in your normal circle.

Don’t be afraid to wear a statement necklace or brightly coloured accessory to stand out and be memorable. Give the single guys a chance, even if they are not your ‘typical’ guy you go for. Make new friends You can never have too many friends right?

You pretend you are busy when you are not and never know how anyone feels at any point in time. Having mainly been with Europeans, I’m a complete failure at it.“Hey what are you doing tonight ? I’m doing nothing outside of wondering why I have so many unmatched pairs of socks in my drawer but the American rulebook says you can never accept anything last minute. Foiled again …literally left home alone to a foil wrapped dinner. Europeans don’t “date.” Europeans are laser focused. (This wax sealing kit has been a subject of much torment throughout my adult life, but I digress…)“You told him you liked him? So many people have long criteria lists for their soul mate. As Marianne Williamson writes in “A Return to Love, ”There is no “Right” because there is no “wrong”.

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