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If we hadn't dug this stuff out of the ground, I don't think anyone would have predicted this.

Due to quantum chromodynamics (one of the best buzzwords ever), a bunch of quarks will always appear in the form of larger composite particles (protons, neutrons, kaons, pions, etc).

Physicist: The best way to think about matter is as a “quantized field”, like an electric field (the “quanta” of the electric field are photons).

Unfortunately, nothing really has a size on the atomic level.

AT HOME WITH RICH MINIMALISM — The intimate Danish summer house, designed by Mette and Martin Wienberg, is a rigorous play of light, material and volume: it is unpretentious and simple, in harmony with tradition.

Paravan works well with all Arper collections, holding the different pieces together with a unified background.

I don't need the disappointment anymore, however,to feel the touch of a woman every once in a while is sti..

I'm looking for someone who has a great sense of humor, ambition and can be patient with me.

Kids getting to point don't what to hang with me anymore ..

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