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I’ve already started sketching out the outline for another story – not a sequel, though – but frankly I would prefer to receive some more reader feedback before deciding whether it would be worth investing much more time or effort into the new project.

Judging from other stories I have read on this website, especially those in the “institutional sex slavery” genre such as “Ladies at Sea” and “Payne Academy” to name but two, my submission is admittedly rather tame.

She must have lain on top of me semi-conscious for twenty minutes, at least..

At this hour there was no difficulty finding a parking spot right in front of the Village Sandwich Shoppe.

I also wanted to get out of the boarding school they had sent me to and into public school.

I knew she was looking forward to having the baby, if only so she’d be able to resume her normal activities.

” “You know…that’s the best idea you’ve had all year, Jeremy.

” I led him back into the Inn and we walked into the restaurant together.

I want you all to know how much our family appreciates your coming here this morning.

It’s not really a fountain of youth, but that’s what most of us call it because the stupid selfish people who make most of the wishes ask to go back to their youth.

It’s now worth almost a hundred million dollars, but he never spent even a penny except to pay for his children’s education and for an occasional vacation for them.

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