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The couple 'left a spectacular mess' and hailed a cab to a London hospital - but had to endure a gruelling 29-hour labour before their daughter was finally delivered by Cesarean Section.

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Opik explains: '12 hours later there was still no sign of a birth.

It got worse, with contractions continuing but no progress towards this final stage in the pregnancy.

Still, who are we to doubt the brainpower of a girl that once sang the very highbrow lyrics, ‘Come and smile, don’t be shy.

The couple had kept their news a secret until now because Lembit’s former fiancées, including Cheeky Girl Gabriele Irimia – who was 24 when they began dating – had miscarried while pregnant by him.

It seems that Britain’s most bizarre couple – MP Lembit Opik and Cheeky Girl Gabriela Irimia – do have something in common after all.

According to Lembit, 41, the pair share a ‘meeting of minds’.

Speaking to the Mirror at the time, he said he thought a childhood accident might prevent him from ever being a father: 'I get emotional about it all the time. SIAN LLOYD: 2002 to 2006'Lucky escape' Sian Lloyd dated Opik for four years but said she was relieved when the relationship finally ended Ulster-born Opik dated ITV weather girl Sian Lloyd from 2002 to 2006 before the high-profile relationship ended, with Opik seeking solace in the arms of pop starlet Gabriela Irimia, one half of The Cheeky Girls.

Lloyd and Opik, who shared a six-bedroomed house together, were bound for the altar but there was no love lost when they split.

Opik, who underwent major surgery in 2016 to straighten his wonky jaw, caused by a paragliding accident 19 years ago - initially wanted to keep the news quiet.

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