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Influenced by the beauty of their natural surroundings and readings of Eastern philosophy, these elder artists had already developed the acknowledged style of the region by the time Krafft took up residence.

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Two seconds with a lopper would have done the job, but the branch remained unharmed for years, and every day it was in the way – in the way of all visitors and all residents, going back and forth.

So some visitors to Fishtown might have thought the residents were too lazy or too spaced out to “fix” the branch, or to nail down the rickety boards. Yet the branch was there because it was there, and things don’t need to be fixed because they are not broken.

It was far out, off the map, and not found by the usual means.

One needed an invitation, as much by the place itself as by its residents.

News and commentary by Fred Owens in La Conner, a small town in the Skagit Valley.

The story behind the name: There was once a grocery store in a quonset hut, run by Mr. Clyde, an old drunk who lived out on the river, thought that Mr.

The selection process was natural, as un-abstract as possible.“The splendor of the Skagit delta has always been a draw for artists, but the closest thing to a real art colony the area ever experienced was the emergence of an exotic hippie settlement in the abandoned squatters’ shacks at Fishtown in the late 1960s.

Fishtown was a prolonged experiment in the style of deliberate simplicity celebrated by Thoreau and inspired by the example of two legendary Northwest Zen Buddhists, Morris Graves and Gary Snyder.

One did not ask directions on how to get to Fishtown, but it might be discovered.

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