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To answer the question “what is live chat” in a nutshell, it’s a messaging application that resides on a webserver and that can be used by visitors of a particular website to contact employees/agents of the site for assistance and support.The interface of a live chat application is similar to an instant messenger window, and both types of applications can be used to chat.High-end live chat platforms even let you send messages to visitors automatically without any agent intervention at all.

However, that is where the similarities end for all practical purposes.

Essentially, live chat software enables you to chat only with agents on the host website, while instant messenger platforms let you message other people who have the same application installed or who are members of the same social-networking site (i.e. Not a lot of information is available as to who actually created the very first live chat platform.

Live chat lets visitors contact support staff on a specific website, and IM (Instant Messenger) applications let you chat or communicate with other members of a social networking site.

Many live chat and instant messenger applications share some similar features, such as messaging and file transfers.

Many chat clients, both the live chat and instant messenger varieties, are based off the protocol.

Thus, the confusion between the terms used for both types of technologies.

You may secure a chosen chat name for yourself by completing a registration.

The chat profile will also give you access to other features not obtainable to a guest login.

However, technically, those types of communication platforms are known as “Instant Messengers.” If you’re wondering what is live chat exactly, or are confused about the differences between “live chat” and Instant Messenger platforms, don’t worry; you’re not alone.

In short, live chat is a platform you use on your website to communicate with site visitors, and an instant messenger application is something you use to communicate with people you know.

Don't forget to tell your friends the member profile chat room address once you've created a chat profile.

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