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hom 1919] THE INDIAN [ 21tt Yeai of Imuo ANNUAL REGISTER An Annual Digest of Public Affairs of India Recordbg the Nation^s Activities each year in matters Political, Economic, Industrial, Educational, Social Etc BEING ISSUED IN 2 SIX-MONTHLY VOLUMES, Volume I ] Jan.-June 1 938 [ Volume I Editor: — Nripendra Nath Mitra. THE [NDf AN ANNUAL REGISTER JANUARY-JUNE 1938 TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATIVE HEADS OF INDIA 1938 ...

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218 PROCEEDINGS OF THE BEHAR COUNCIL Budget Session— Patna— 21 March to 2nd June 1938 219 General Discussion of Budget ... From time to time no doubt the icputation of teachers in ono subject oi another will attract students to a particular univeisitv ; but the University of Delhi, if ever it was minded to specialise, might jiisily claim a right to make itself and its facilities a nursery for the statesmen and administrators of the futuie.

The suggestion is interesting though I doubt whether, in a country of such vast distances as India, it could over be a piactical one.

If tho greatest gift which a university education can give us Is a passion for the truth, the personality which It tends to develop will bo one founded on truth, one which recognizes the freedom and dignity of man.

But the influence of personality can be an immense power for evil as well as good ; and that is why, as It seems to ms, the pait played by tho free universities becomes of such paramount importance for tho future history of the world.

I remember that your fiist Chancellor in his first address threw out the suggestion that it might be to the public advantage if the universities in India, as their numbers increased, were each to select some branch of intellectual activity in which it might specialise.

A young man must bo without sunsibilty indeed if at the most im- pressionble age his imagination is not affected by such things as those. Vj _1 f^T^Tf T I I ff Pr TTPTT § 54*039 |^,bra RY J-Vl4, K38Lft L BAHADUR SHASTRI National Academy of Administration mussoorie Accession Ho.

200 THE BEHAR LDUSLATIVE COFNCIL List of Members ... 202 THE BEIIAR LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY List of Members 202 ( xil ) PBOCEEDINGS OF THE BEHAR ASSEMBLY Bi TDCni ET Session— Patna --5th March to 31st March 1938.

10 6 April— June Session— Patna — 1st April to 29Tn June^38 209 Behar Tenants^ Relief Bdl ...

You my say with good reason that no one surveying Europe and some other parts of the world today would care to use langu- age like this ; yet as regards India it seems to me not inappropriate.

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