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The camp was established for political prisoners, and during its early operations, many prisoners served a specific time and were then released (in contrast to later concentration camps, from which few were released by the Nazis).

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The iron gate bears the infamous motto "Arbeit Macht Frei" (Work Makes You Free).

The motto letters seen here are reproductions dating from the 1960s; they did not exactly match the original letters seen in the 1945 photo below.

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Contrary to what some guides say, the concrete structure seen in the modern photos was not a rail siding where the prisoners were let off the trains, just outside the Jourhaus Gate.

The prisoners were actually let off the trains at the other side of the SS compound (out of view of these photos - see below), and they were forced to walk through the compound to enter the Jourhaus Gate. 42nd Infantry Division guard this gate in April or May 1945.

This iron gate door with the motto was stolen in November 2014; a replica was installed in April 2015.

The lettering on the replica apparently reproduces the lettering on the recent gate, not the original gate.

The narrow-gauge rail line seen here today was actually used by the workshop buildings (there were originally two more workshop buildings here, just to either side where the earthen berms are today). Army occupied this compound as Eastman Barracks from 1948-1973, and the complex is now used as a training site for the Bavarian Police. The eagles were removed when the Bavarian Police took over the compound, and donated to the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial, where they remain in storage. Army photo)The main entrance to the SS training area (as distinct from the SS camp administration area) was on the other side of the compound, near today's John F. This building is now the main entrance to the Bavarian Police compound, and is not open to the public. Another "Moll System" concrete bunker (guard position) can be seen at the left. Holocaust Memorial Museum; These views show the back side of the gate building.

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