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you change from Available to In a Meeting based on the free/busy data that was retrieved from Exchange.

Web Service Poll Interval (if you’re using Exchange Server 2007/2010) or MAPIPoll Interval (if you’re using Exchange Server 2003) and Calendar State Publication Interval. Lync determines when to change your presence from for example, Available to In a Meeting with this data.

For this reason polling for presence is required at regular intervals.

Polling is performing Presence subscription at regular interval.

In a polling subscription, the Lync client periodically queries the Lync server to obtain the data.

The difference between a subscription and a query lies in the fact that the subscription is tied to a period of time whereas the presence query is one-time only.

This means that if you create an appointment in Outlook in-between when Lync polls Exchange and when Lync applies your calendar state to presence, this won’t be reflected in Lync until the polling interval lapses and Lync retrieve the Free/Busy info from Exchange again.

So firstly, we need to look at how calendar data (free/busy information) is retrieved from Exchange Server by Lync.Presence publication happens when one user is trying update its own presence information to another user.Figure 2 Presence publication In the snooper trace this what it would look like Lync Client manage contact lists for users requires persistent subscriptions to receive the most current presence state of their contacts.The difference between a persistent subscription and a polling subscription lies in the fact that a SIP dialog is involved in a persistent subscription whereas it is not in a polling subscription.For a polling subscription, the Lync Server client repeats the process at a given time interval.Presence Publication is an activity done by Lync user to update own presence to the other users.

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