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By Rupali Arora, Katie Benner, Ryan Bradley, Scott Cendrowski, Catherine Dunn, Eli Epstein, Stephen Gandel, Craig Giammona, Beth Kowitt, Colleen Leahey, Michal Lev-Ram, JP Mangalindan, Tory Newmyer, Anne Vander Mey, Matt Vella, Daniel Roberts, and Patricia Sellers “Get in over your head” is Mayer’s guideline.

It’s this career philosophy that has fueled her turnaround effort at Yahoo since she joined the company as CEO last year, at age 37, after more than a decade at Google.

This is the work of Wang, a genomics professor and the director of gene-sequencing center BGI (formerly Beijing Genomics Institute). Now, as CEO of BT’s infrastructure division, she’s doing it, managing more than 20,000 engineers.

But his picks during the financial crisis have driven his two mutual funds to outperform all but a handful of competitors over the past five years. Advice he would have given his 20-year-old self: Buy Apple.

City dwellers don’t have to flail their arms to hail a taxi thanks to Kalanick and co-founder Garrett Camp.

Elkann—known as Jaki within the family—has led a striking turnaround: He stabilized Fiat and oversaw the successful investment in Chrysler, and has reorganized the far-flung family empire.

The math whiz, born in Canarsie, Brooklyn, heads Black Rock Solutions, the asset-management firm’s $518 million division that offers advisory services, risk management, analytics, and tech platforms to governments and institutional investors.

Revenue growth is her challenge, but investors like what our newly crowned No. It was Dorsey who shared the world’s first tweet, “just setting up my twttr,” and conceived the idea to share a brief “status.” Now, as Twitter readies its monster IPO, Dorsey is the only cofounder of the initial trio (Biz Stone, Ev Williams, and him) who still works at the company.

Dorsey had moved on to found Square, the vaunted mobile-payment system that now processes billion annually (where he’s CEO), but in 2011 he added the role of Twitter executive chairman and still helps drive big decisions. Louis.) It took 14 months, but shares of the social network finally topped their initial public offering price of late this summer (now they’re even higher).Elkann was picked for the Fiat board at age 21 by his grandfather Gianni Agnelli, the dapper industrialist who built the company into a global powerhouse.After Agnelli’s passing, Elkann, thrust to the forefront by the untimely deaths of two potential successors, was named chairman of Fiat and chairman and CEO of Exor, the family’s 2 billion holding company with interests in commercial real estate, banking, media, heavy equipment, and the soccer team Juventus.Their smartphone app Uber lets users summon a black car or cab with a tap on a virtual map and track the driver’s ETA.Uber is already available in 42 cities, from New York to Taipei, and isn’t slowing down, despite noise from regulators: A new round of 8 million in funding values it at .4 billion (see Uber feature story).Facebook is also reportedly planning to launch TV-style ads that will cost brands up to .5 million a day.

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